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Leadership Training

Creating Conditions for Healthy, Vibrant and Effective Church Boards

Thursday, January 15; Noon - 12:45pm

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We all want to work in a healthy, thriving and mutually encouraging atmosphere where we are exhibiting the fruit of the spirit, using our gifts, and living the results of our effectiveness. We want to be collectively listening for God’s leading at this time in the history of our particular local church. We want to turn our average boards into highly functioning teams. We want to thrive. But how do we get there?

Danielle Tjalsma, having served terms on two church boards and owned her own marketing and consulting business for over 20 years will lead this foundational webinar The content is designed to motivate and equip you to make immediate changes necessary to set your board on the right path to achieving the organizational health required to thrive.

Each participant will come away with practical tools and ideas that can be implemented immediately in your local context. Covering topics such as: Accountability is NOT a four-letter word, Is the term “vibrant meetings” an oxymoron?,  and vacancies are better than cancers, you will be led through a step-by-step process to developing a healthy, vibrant and effective church board.

These simple yet profoundly impactful steps to healthy team dynamics, vibrant meetings and effectiveness of board leadership transcend denomination, governance models, male and female roles in your church, age, history and congregation size.

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