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Leadership Training

Care For Your Soul: Protecting Yourself From Pastoral Burnout 
Thursday, September 24; Noon -12:45pm

The life of a pastor is like the life of a small business owner. The tasks and skills required are many and overarching, the work seemingly endless, and “business life” constantly threatening to overshadow personal and family life. And like a business owner, the measurements of “success” for a pastor are primarily external, or the “ABC’s of church: attendance, building and cash. In this pastoral reality, many pastors are physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired. The statistics for pastors dropping out of ministry from burn out and feeling overwhelmed are staggering. Into this church vocational way of life, we ask the question, “How goes it with your soul?” The answer typically betrays two challenges: a lack of knowledge and understanding of soul care, and/or a lack of resources and training. Join Pastors and Doug and Adele Calhoun as they introduce these challenges and ways to address them.

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