What is it?

The Church-Based Theological Education Commission researches current methods of ministry education, encourages churches engaged in theological education, and creates new sites for intelligent, collaborative, Christ-centered, church-based theological education in New England.

The commission focuses on equipping churches to become theological education sites where men and women can earn a bachelor’s degree (potentially debt-free) while doing hands-on ministry within a healthy church in New England. Church-based theological education sites equip students to interpret the Biblical text accurately, communicate God's word clearly, manage a local church effectively and provide students with the relational support for planting, leading or revitalizing congregations throughout New England after graduation.


Leading the Charge: Rev. Bill Donahue

A Boston native and church planter, Bill is leading the regional efforts of the commission and supporting the creation of new sites in New England. Bill has over 20 years of New England pastoral leadership experience including church planting experience and church revitalization experience and is a certified leader for the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development. Throughout his ministry, Bill has always felt a strong call to train young men and women for ministry and church planting.

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