The Vision One Process

The Vision One Process is a multi-phased, interlinked process that has been specifically developed to help pastors, ministry leaders, and congregations, become spiritually-healthy, disciple-making Christ followers who love God and love others. There are 7 phases to the Vision ONE process 1

Phases 1 & 2 - Pastor's Assessment and Training

The assessment phase uses Vista Assessment Process. Vista was developed out of decades of training and field tested with pastors and denominational leaders in the U.S. Our partnership with The Praxis Center for Church Development provides you expanded access to this resource. To learn more about the Vista Assessment Process, click here.
The training phase includes participation in a Praxeum Mentored Learning Community. The Praxeum experience occurs in
9 one-day seminars (once per month) with a group of peers. For more information about the Praxeum Mentored Learning Community, click here.

es 3 & 4 - Leadership Team Training and Development. Phase 3 consists of 12 hours of facilitated training, over a flexible time period, for church leadership.  It can begin during or after the Pastors’ Training phase. Phase 4 (LifeFlow) is a contextualized development process with focus on worldview development, pastoral development, leadership development, and pathway development. To learn more about the LifeFlow Process click here.

Phase 5 -  Congregational Assessment 
During this phase, utilizing both an assessment tool, and focus group interviews, an assessment is performed to identify key
areas of strength, and key opportunities for improvement.  This phase can begin during the Leadership Team training phase, or after it.

Phase 6 -  Ministry Plan Development
A facilitated process of discerning and developing a ministry plan for the church. Approximately eight two-hour sessions.

Phase 7  Ministry Plan Implementation
During this final phase, the ministry plan is implemented across the church.  Vision New England’s assistance usually continues for 2 years.
To learn more or to find out how you can be a part of The Vision One Process , just click here to contact us.

1 A church can conclude their participation in the Vision ONE process after any of these phases.