Pastoral Spiritual Formation Community Year 1: 
An Invitation to Journey towards Wholeness, Healing, & God

The Pastoral Spiritual Formation Community is a group of people engaged in pastoral work that commits to a twelve-month soul care program. The primary purpose is to equip individual pastors for personal soul care and to encourage them along in their personal soul care process. Vision New England is intentionally forming a group of male and female pastors from diverse urban, suburban, denominational and ethnic backgrounds.

The retreats focus on the introduction and application of spiritual disciplines especially important for those engaged in pastoral ministry. Participants will also have the opportunity for nine, one-on-one soul care sessions with a qualified soul care mentor. These sessions will take place in between the three one-day retreats and focus on listening prayerfully for God’s guidance along this journey.

We are excited to have Adele and Doug Calhoun, co-pastors of Redeemer Community Church, leading our three retreats and guiding this learning and listening community.   

Rev. Adele Calhoun is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell. Her ministry experience covers InterVarsity and church pastoral staff, as well as being a spiritual director for over twenty years. She has taught as adjunct faculty for Wheaton College, Northern Baptist Seminary and for Selah. She authored The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us, Invitations From God and co-authored True You.

Rev. Dr. Doug Calhoun received his M.Div. and D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His ministry similarly spans InterVarsity and being a pastor, as well as being a spiritual director. As a pastor, he has traveled to six continents resourcing national churches, leading mission teams, serving on boards and forming or strengthening mission partnerships.

Why Participate in a Pastoral Soul Care Community
Ministry can leave you spiritually dry. Pouring yourself into the spiritual formation of those in your congregation can quickly lead to the unintentional neglect of your own spiritual life. Vision New England is committed to encouraging men and women in pastoral leadership towards spiritual vibrancy through this unique spiritual formation experience. 

For more than 20 years, Vision New England has engaged in pastoral spiritual formation. We believe healthy, growing churches have healthy, growing pastors in leadership marked by a vibrant spiritual life. Guided by this belief, last year we piloted a pastoral spiritual formation community that included a series of one day retreats as well as one-on-one personal formation sessions with a Vision New England mentor to guide pastors, both men and women, on a journey together as a community growing in spiritual disciplines. 

Participants practice spiritual disciplines of examine, rest, sabbath, self-care, devotional reading, and silence. During our retreats, each individual experiences deeper levels of spiritual formation and vibrancy.  Whether you are feeling spiritually dry or fully engaged, this year-long experience will bring growth and a greater health to your personal soul care practices.

How the Full-Participation Track Works

The full participation track is for those willing to commit to following:
- Participants will attend two one-day retreats. These retreats are hosted at Trinitarian Congregational Church; Wayland, MA from 9:00am to 3:00pm on October 19 and June 6.
- Participants will attend one overnight retreat. The two-day retreat begins Sunday, February 21 at 5:00pm and ends at 7:00pm on Monday, February 22.
- Participants will have nine one-on-one personal soul care sessions with a soul care mentor throughout the year. Sessions last one hour and can take place in person or by video conferencing.

How Much Does it Cost?
Due to the donations of our members and a generous grant from the Imago Dei Fund, 18 full scholarships are available for those committing to participate in all three components. Participants who receive scholarships are asked to join Vision New England with a minimum annual donation of $25. Cost without a scholarship for full participation (three retreats, all meals, nine personal soul care sessions and all books) is $1,670.00 for the year. Apply today for the scholarship by clicking below.

Can I just attend the Retreats?

The one-day retreats are open to anyone engaged in pastoral leadership. The cost for these retreats is $30 and includes snacks and lunch.  No scholarships are available for one-day retreat only participants. If you are unable to make the commitment of the full participation track, but think you could benefit from the one-day retreats, please attend one or both. The overnight retreat is open only to those in the full participation track. Simply register for each one-day retreat individually.

One-Day Retreat Information 
Who: Open to all men and women in pastoral leadership 
What: One day retreats that focus on the introduction and application of spiritual disciplines especially important for the soul care of those engaged in pastoral ministry.  Topics covered during these retreats include spiritual autobiography, understanding the true self/ false self dichotomy, spiritual health inventory, and knowing God through self-knowledge and confession.
Trinitarian Congregational Church; Wayland, MA
Time: October 19 and June 6; 9:00am-3:00pm 

Cost: $30 per retreat (includes: light snacks, coffee, tea and lunch)
Important Notes: Registration is required (register below for our next retreat)
Register for the October 19 One-day retreat below:


Register for the June 6 One-day Retreat below:

Two-day Retreat Information (Need to be a full-track participant and apply for scholarship funds)
What: One overnight retreat where participants in the full track gather for an intensive time of soul care listening and learning.  The theme of the overnight retreat is The Life of Presence: Participating in Divine Nature Location: Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center; North Andover, MA
Time: Sunday 5:00pm to Monday 7:00pm

Cost: No cost for Full Track Participants
to those participating in the Full Community Track
What: One overnight retreat where participants in the full track gather for an intensive time of soul care listening and learning.  The theme of the overnight retreat is The Life of Presence: Participating in Divine Nature.
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For more information about each of the retreats in the Year 1 Community, CLICK HERE to download a course syllabus.