What's the Succession Journey Seminar all about?

The Succession Journey is about the context, plan and process of what’s next, cultivated and informed through three perspectives: the biblical narrative, church succession, and corporate/business succession. Terms will be defined, models investigated and most of all, permission granted to discuss openly that all important topic of what if. Every participant will be encouraged to dream, to outline possible outcomes, to name names, all within a safe, encouraging environment.

The Succession Journey is directed to leaders and their spouses who are considering the myriad of questions that accompany the step from the senior role in a business or ministry into what comes next. Leaders who are in their mid 50’s are beginning to look into the uncertain space beyond their last paycheck as boss into the first few months and years as someone else.

Upcoming Succession Journey Seminars 

No upcoming Seminars are currently scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested in attending a future seminar. 

About the Presenter

Randal Smith moved to New England in 1991 to work as Associate Pastor in Burlington, MA. This assignment followed a 12-year career as an associate pastor in a variety of churches in the Midwest and South. After spending a year as the unexpected Interim Pastor in Burlington, he and his wife Beckie settled into a 22 year pastorate in Lynn, MA. Sensing God’s leading into another phase of work, Randal worked with a neighboring pastor to orchestrate his own succession process in 2013-2014. In October 2014, Randal left the pastorate to devote his full attention to working as a Leadership Coach for both churches and small businesses at Clearpoint Coaching LLC, an effort he co founded in 2011. Besides his work as an associate and senior pastor, Randal served as the President of the Lynn Shelter Association for many year as well as various leadership roles within the Southern New England A/G network. Randal will receive his DMin from the Assembly of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO this May. His capstone project is titled, “Embracing Intentional Leadership Succession: A Seminar for Senior Leaders of the Southern New England Ministry Network.”

More about this Topic

"There is the small matter of stewardship regarding the forward movement of the institution they currently serve. Who is in line for their role as senior leader? Are they part of the organization now or did they once work there but have moved to another church or business? If there is no one on the horizon, what process is in place to identify, train and nurture such a successor? And, does the fundamental polity of your organization allow for such personal investment in the future of the organization? Then, of course, there is the emotional, financial and vocational maelstrom that accompanies such tremendous life change. This change impacts not only the senior leader but his or her spouse at the very deepest levels. Is the number two chair open for a season? Does the leader have the capacity to serve a younger leader in a reduced role? What hobbies or interests deserve to be fully explored as a focus for possible vocational focus? Can certain experiences over a lifetime of work be leveraged into a consultant or coaching role? All of these topics are part of one’s personal and leadership journey", says Randal Smith, Seminar Speaker.